Zahir Dossa, founder and president of Argania

Zahir Dossa is the founder and president of Argania. As a PhD candidate at MIT, Zahir developed the model behind Argania in order to create a sustainable solution to poverty alleviation. His focus at MIT has been in the fields of computer science, social entrepreneurship, international development, and sustainability.

Aly Juma, vice-president of Argania

Aly Juma is the vice president of Argania. Graduating from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor and getting a Masters in Innovation Management from NC State, Aly is passionate about design, marketing, and strategy. He is a jack-of-all-trades at heart who loves to learn.

Chris Hudgens, board member of Argania

Chris Hudgens, who graduated from Brown University, joined Zahir on a trip to Morocco and helped him launch the initial cooperative 2010. He was responsible for sales and marketing before getting the opportunity to do Teach for America in Atlanta. He still remains involved as a member on the board.

Bing Liu, executive chef of Argania

Bing Liu is the culinary consultant for Argania. After graduating from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor with Aly, he studied culinary arts in France. He is now a chef at a top restaurant in Boston.

Aziz, founder of Volunteer Morocco

Aziz is the director of sustainable development at Argania and the founder and president of Volunteer Morocco. He helped Zahir create the women's argan oil cooperative in Agadir, Morocco. Aziz handles the Moroccan side of operations along with development efforts through Volunteer Morocco.

Argania products were produced with the help of a 60-woman cooperative in Morroco.

The team enjoying a meal together in Imsouane, Morocco.