Our approach is simple, use high quality ingredients to deliver delicious products, while improving the lives of producers and their communities.

The Producers

So how does all this work? It begins with the 60 women that are part of our cooperative, who are able to earn a fair wage that is more than 10x the standard wage given in the industry.

Amount earned by women per liter of argan oil

By cutting out middlemen and selling directly to our customers, we are able to maximize the return to producers in a transparent fashion.

The Communities

Empowering producers is only part of the process, as we believe that developing the communities that our producers are part of is equally important for lasting change.

A Volunteer Morocco health clinic

With our partner Volunteer Morocco, we are able to engage in several community development projects in Morocco, such as hosting health clinics, implementing irrigation technologies, launching after school programs, and much more.

The Future

Our vision is to replicate the model we're using for argan oil and our cooperative, and apply it to how we source all of the ingredients found in our products. In this way we are working to ensure we get all of our ingredients directly from producers, while working with partners to improve and develop their local communities.

Argania products were produced with the help of an 18-woman cooperative in Morroco.

Argan oil production is a labor-intensive process.