Argania was founded on a simple, yet lofty expectation: to deliver high quality, delicious food, while emphasizing the importance of fair trade and community development for our producers. It all started with argan oil and how the women who endure the labor intensive process required for its production see little return.

Zahir sought to change this by implementing a model for sustainable business that would improve the lives of producers. Working with Volunteer Morocco, he created an 18-woman cooperative in Agadir to produce organic argan oil and ensure a fair return for their labor.

But what began as a project exploring social business, quickly transformed into a gourmet cooperative centered on high quality ingredients and their value not only in the kitchen, but as drivers of meaningful change.

Today our cooperative has grown to 60 women and our team has expanded to include designers, chefs, and most importantly, socially conscious individuals who are focused on delivering delicious food and improving the lives of others.

The story of Argania is thus of partnership--a partnership with the cooperative of women who produce our argan oil, a partnership with farmers and harvesters from whom we get our nuts and honey, and a partnership with you, the customer, who makes it all possible. Welcome to Argania.

Argania products were produced with the help of an 18-woman cooperative in Morroco.

Argan oil production is a labor-intensive process.